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The Colour of Wind


Dior see through top $26,000, white seamless bra $7,400 & white jeans $7,200
Simone Rocha white dress $9,799,trench coat (Price to be confirmed) & earrings $999

Valentino lace printed silk dress $51,500

Burberry ruffle pleated dress $26,000 Marni striped resin clip earrings$ 2,800 from

Lanvin feather jacket $40,400 & silk dress $17,600

Stella McCartney Laney lace top $12,290 Marni enamel clip earrings $4,100 from

Chloe striped organza top $19,050 & white denim drop front Punjabi pants $7,530

Art Direction & Styling: Nicola Lai Photo: Eddie Tam Model: Valentina L.@Quest Make Up: Eddy Liu@ZING The Makeup School Hair: Eunis Chan

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