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Saint Laurent (worn on neck) black eelskin belt $5,900
Fendi yellow furry bag strap (price to be confirmed) and purple bag strap $7,200
Chanel black fingerless gloves (price to be confirmed)
Hermes (worn on left arm) leather bracelets $4,800 - $3,400
Bottega Veneta (worn on right arm) leather cuffs $3,000 - $8,000
Tod’s black belt with chain $4,300

(mask stylist’s own)
Chanel crystallized choker, pearl web, (worn on right arm) cuffs (all prices to be confirmed)
Saint Laurent (worn on upper left arm) gold snake cuffs $4,450 - $5,550
Dolce & Gabbana (worn on lower left arm) gold necklace $XXXX
Fendi black bag strap with gold chain (price to be confirmed)
Loewe black cat necklace $6,250
Laurence & Chico @ Candies pink furry pom pom hairbands $580 - $1,280

(mask stylist’s own)

Chanel necklace, crystallized cuff and (worn on belt) hoop earrings (all prices to be confirmed) Tod’s black belt with chain $4,300 each Loewe black belt $5,250 Saint Laurent (worn on head) black snakeskin belt $3,250 Laurence & Chico @ Candies pink furry hood $3,680

Jimmy Choo black buckled thigh-high boots $18,800 Gucci gold fingerless gloves $7,400 and rings (prices to be confirmed) Fendi handbag $14,300

Art Direction & Styling: Kieran Ho Photo: Kwan Model: Diana D @ Style

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